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A Christmas Nod from the Pod

Greetings Octapod-ites and may you have a joyous Christmas/New Year! Remember, when you’re celebrating, to stay safe ….so that you’ll be around – healthy and well – to participate in the 2011 Octapod adventures!  Don’t lose your head – especially if it’s wearing its artistic hat!  We need all of those we can get! Get […]

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Hands On! Hands In! Hands Up!

Research shows that communities which have an active involvement in the arts have a  greater individual and community “well-being” factor.  Being involved in artistic and creative activities is a way of exploring and expressing our culture and underlying values.  It strengthens the bond of Community and it enhances the Individual’s sense of belonging. Newcastle has […]

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Get your Bod to the Pod!

Hey There, Welcome to the world of Octapod – if you’re in Newcastle and haven’t checked us out yet, then what are you waiting for? If you’re associated with the Arts in any way, in any form, then we’re your No. 1 support body in the Hunter Region.  Got a creative idea you’d like to […]

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