Artist Profile: Maggie Hensel-Brown

IMG_3944_2Meet Maggie Hensel-Brown, one of the PODzome exhibiting artists as she talks about her involvement in this exhibition.


How did you get involved with the PODzome exhibition? I have exhibited with Podspace at various times in its various venues over the past few years. I got a call from Jen Denzin a few months ago. She thought my work would fit in well with the Rhizome theme of the exhibition.

What inspired you to create your PODzome piece? My ultimate inspiration has always come from materials. With New Life and New Civilisations I was interested in experimenting with the fragility of paper. I had worked with this same origami process earlier in the year and was interested in pushing it further.
How did you feel your piece fitted within the theme? Each part of the work is made of thousands of small pieces of folded paper. In joining them I had no finished form in mind. They grew semi-organically. I joined pieces here and there and enjoyed the process of watching it grow. I also utilised many pairs of hands in creating the piece. There was a whole community of people folding origami for me over the many weeks it took to finish the work.
What made you choose the medium you did, to represent the PODzome theme? There is something about the accessibility of paper that appealed to me. One of my works is made from plain white cartridge paper, the other from waxed lunch-wrap. One of the most important aspects of New Life and New Civilisations is the almost obsessive repetition. With the easily manipulation and accessibility of the materials I was able to involve a whole community of people to pitch in and create the work with me.
What are you hoping to achieve from this exhibition? I am always grateful to have an excuse to create large-scale installation-type works, and PODzome has given me that. One of my works in the exhibition is particularly experimental. The waxed paper piece will be up against the elements outside. Ephemeral or degradable work is not something I have used before and I am very excited to see how it turns out.


To see Maggie’s work, come to the PODzome exhibition.

Venue: University of Newcastle Gallery

Exhibition opening: Friday 12 September 6-8pm

Exhibition dates: 10 – 27 September

Gallery hours: Wed – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 12 – 4. Other times by appointment.

Access: Both the gallery and toilets are wheelchair accessible. There is one disability parking spot outside the gallery.