Artist Profile: Brooke Stevens and Bree Sanders

Still from (Self Portrait) No beginning or end. Brooke Stevens and Bree SandersMeet Brooke Stevens and Bree Sanders, who have collaborated on a new media work for the upcoming PODzome exhibition at the University of Newcastle Gallery.

How did you get involved with the PODzome exhibition? 

The lovely Jen Denzin contacted us about an exhibition she was curating, and over a catch-up explained the theme and her vision for the show and our place in it. We then put forward the idea behind our video, the installation method, and started work almost immediately.

What inspired to create your PODzome piece? 

The inspiration behind us creating the work is owed to Jen and her quirky and inspirational ideas. Once we started reading more into the theme, the inspiration came from purely trying to decipher Deleuze and Guattari’s Rhizome theory, and the many ways we could translate that and work upon it.

How did you feel your piece fitted within the theme? 

We based the work around the many ‘lines of connection’ that Deleuze and Guattari talk of in the concept of the Rhizome. We immediately understood the concept at the same time as knowing less and less about it the more we tried to tie it down and pin some sense to it. This, I believe, is what makes it such a fantastic theme.

What made you choose the medium you did, to represent the PODzome theme? 

We run a film company together and therefore spend a lot of time working in the medium. So the slow leak of video work into our artistic practices came naturally.


What are you hoping to achieve from this exhibition?I think the most rewarding part of being a part of an exhibition like PODzome is the connection made between the artists and seeing the works interact upon installation.


To see Brooke and Bree’s work, come to the PODzome exhibition.

Venue: University of Newcastle Gallery

Exhibition opening: Friday 12 September 6-8pm

Exhibition dates: 10 – 27 September

Gallery hours: Wed – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 12 – 4. Other times by appointment.

Access: Both the gallery and toilets are wheelchair accessible. There is one disability parking spot outside the gallery.