Announcement…..T.I.N.A 2011 is saved !!!!!

This Is Not Art and Octapod would like to express our heart-felt gratitude for the incredible community support that has not only raised a massive $8,750 through the Pozible site but has created the catalyst for other much needed financial support.

The  Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) is a not-for-profit, member-based company which provides practical support to artists, authors and those working within the creative industries, in regards to management of copyright.  Connecting  the creators, owners and users of copyright material.

CAL has recently come forward and generously pledged $9000 to T.I.N.A 2011.


In response to This is Not Art’s fundraising campaign Izilla Web Solutions has graciously pledged $2, 000.

And also…

At the Newcastle City Council meeting on Tuesday night council decided to increase their financial support and include provisions for better planning and assistance for TINA into the future.

The This Is Not Art festival coordinators and the Octapod Association have been overwhelmed by the amount of support shown, it has given us a renewed sense of relevance and boosted morale and confidence in a way that can not be described.

So THANK YOU ALL so very much and we hope you can come and enjoy all that this year’s festival has to offer. So see you there. September 29th till October 3rd 2011.

again and again we say THANK YOU.