Skills Development

Octapod provides unique career development opportunities within the local arts and cultural environment for artists with disability**.

Octapod has the expertise to support artists to develop their arts practice and/or creative business by providing information, skills and professional development opportunities and networks. We offer this expertise to emerging and established artists with disability by working with the community to develop models that provide multiple supported pathways into the arts. We work with artists across art forms and with a range of disabilities.

Octapod assists artists to develop their arts practice and/or creative business by providing one on one information, advice and referrals. Through our mentoring program we also assist aspiring artists or people interested in getting involved with the arts, to guide participation in arts activities at all levels.

Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs)
Octapod supports career development for artists with disability through a unique arts mentoring model that involves supporting artists with disability in leadership roles within an Artist Run Initiative (ARI).

Through these groups artists gain industry specific skills, knowledge and networks. The groups also work towards a key performance, exhibition and/or presentation.

Currently Octapod is supporting a writing group in Newcastle called Write Up! and a visual art group in Maitland called Inside Out.

Access Committee
A professional development opportunity for people with disability in leadership roles within the arts. Contribute to the framework of access and inclusion for Octapod and the local creative sector by working with the Octapod Director and other committee members on guiding the organisation to lead Newcastle’s arts and cultural community to social inclusion and arts and cultural participation for all.



**Octapod acknowledges definitions of disability can refer to physical, intellectual, sensory, psychiatric disabilities and can be permanent, temporary, debilitating or not, clearly defined or not.