Hands On! Hands In! Hands Up!

Research shows that communities which have an active involvement in the arts have a  greater individual and community “well-being” factor.  Being involved in artistic and creative activities is a way of exploring and expressing our culture and underlying values.  It strengthens the bond of Community and it enhances the Individual’s sense of belonging.

Newcastle has a thriving artistic culture and it is perhaps one of the contributing factors to making this one of the world’s “10 most livable cities”.   It certainly is a source of pride for so many of its citizens.

Often, though, individuals may want to get involved in a creative project but don’t know were to start.  This is where Octapod strides into the limelight!  – a great first step for anyone interested in Art and Culture in Newcastle:

  • We have established projects looking for people to help
  • We have new projects waiting to be launched
  • There are interesting workshop to help you start creating on your own projects
  • Through our networks, we can steer you to particular groups or projects that you’ve been just hanging out to learn more about!

You don’t have to be a member to get involved ….but we’d LOVE you to become a member because every dollar helps the local Arts community.  In the meantime, check out the following news and opportunities:


  • Culture Hunter’s website will be re-launching in the near future and in 2011, we’re hoping to have an online Gallery launched on this site
  • We’re working on SeedPod – a small grants program, with a focus on community outcome – which we plan to set up in 2011
  • A new resident is starting next week at Octapod – Tara Jones – who is a documentary filmmaker.  She’ll be working out of  our Community Media Space [which incidentally, did you know was available for video editing facilities that  members can use for a TINY $5 per day! Wow!]  ….and here’s a great result from this space for 2010:
  • ‘Friends’ –  a short digistory produced by young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. They worked with Octapod’s media trainer to develop a story on the theme of ‘What makes a good friend’. The project was funded by the NSW Government via the Community Relations Commission, in partnership with the Multicultural Neighbourhood Centre and Waratah High School. You can watch the digistory herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2cPWRrSLPA

Positions available – Go to the Website for detailed information

  • Sound Summit is looking for a creative, energetic and highly organised individual to work with Festival Co-Directors Chris Hearn and Kirsty Brown on the 2011 and 2012 festivals.
  • Octapod has a variety of positions coming up/available – check out http://octapod.org/getinvolved
  • Electrofringe is looking for an innovative, energetic and highly organised individual to work with the current Creative Co-Producer, Estee Wah, on the 2011 festival and on to 2012.