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It’s film, don’t you know

“Community Arts and Media” is our tagline. Arts everywhere but what about the media? Well Octapod has an exciting spread of film media activities happening in the new location! It’s all about joining in, around here, as you’ll see when you read about what we’ve got going on. Now – Tara Jones is running a […]

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THIS IS NOT ART 2011. Its time to get excited.

Thanks to the incredible support from the Australian arts community, the This Is Not art Festival 2011 will go ahead.  So it is time to start getting excited. This Is Not Art is like Christmas for me and my friends or ‘surrogate family’. They all come home. The phone calls start in September from interstate. […]

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‘Birds with Bling’ make a new nest.

NEW LOCATION As you may have heard Octapod has a new home. After trawling through many interesting Octapod artefacts, the job of settling into our new abode has begun.  The masses of zines, artworks, staplers, furniture, brown newspaper articles and miscellaneous stuff has either found a new owner or carefully been placed in boxes and […]

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Announcement…..T.I.N.A 2011 is saved !!!!!

This Is Not Art and Octapod would like to express our heart-felt gratitude for the incredible community support that has not only raised a massive $8,750 through the Pozible site but has created the catalyst for other much needed financial support. The  Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) is a not-for-profit, member-based company which provides practical support […]

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Keep the Lights and Sound on This Is Not Art Festival

According to Festival Coordinator Eliza Adam, TINA has been notified that its current triennial funding would not be renewed.  This means with just 12 weeks until the annual arts festival is scheduled to kick-off the TINA operational budget is $18,000 short of its financial need. “Without this money there is a very real threat to […]

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Octapod is asking questions.

In the past Octapod has accomplished an array of worthwhile community projects. We continue to support numerous endeavors and thought we would take the chance to remind you of what we do. If you like what you read, why not follow the link to a quick survey and help us to continue assisting the artists […]

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Take a Street Art Winter Wander

Street Art Walking (SAW) is a place-making project creating (temporary and permanent) public art spaces. It aims to enhance the current aesthetics of the city by creating positive art solutions to public spaces. The project has stemmed from a visual arts project called ‘walkARTbout’ developed as part of 2010 This Is Not Art Festival. The […]

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Projects ! Projects Projects!

Octapod is filled with excitement as tables move and filing cabinets fall out the door. Is there movement in the air or are they just trying to lighten their load or address their feng shui? The answers are yet to come but in the mean time we should all make the most of the free bobs and bits, folders, shelves […]

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Won’t you come and help it grow. On Sunday 29th May Octapod’s Seedpod Program sprouted the first Figtree Community Garden Art Workshop bringing together art, gardening and delicious food. The event was created to initiate the community involvement of an upcoming Garden Mural project, led by artists Helen Hopcroft and Trevor Hornsnell. The day was […]

Read more » conversing with the rich diversity of the Hunter has been conducting case studies on local artists. This is one way in which Octapod, through , can support the Hunter Region arts community. The case studies along with the artist’s profiles are loaded onto the culturehunter website and provide a honest and interesting insight into the lives and experiences of practicing artist. […]

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