Octapod is one of NSW’s leading regional arts and cultural organisations.


Based in Newcastle, its core business is to build the capacity of local creative communities to be important social, cultural and economic contributors to the Lower Hunter region and stimulate local arts and cultural development.

Storm_Creative_Exchange_Photo_Justine_Cogan_2016Our Vision is of a thriving and inclusive creative sector that actively contributes to cultural and economic growth in the Lower Hunter region.

With a focus on capacity building, we work with key partners and the community to develop and deliver a program of sector and professional development opportunities, creative initiatives, community cultural development support, networks and resources.




Our key strategic goals are:

SUSTAINABILITY: Grow and diversify resources to enable Octapod’s vision to be achieved in greater measures.

This Goal acknowledges that diverse income streams support resilience and sustainability.

BEST PRACTICE MANAGEMENT: Develop and maintain ‘best practice’ governance, management and operational systems.

This Goal acknowledges that systems and processes need to be transparent and effective, and that Octapod needs to role model best practice and strong accountability in order to inspire others.

PARTNERSHIPS: Build key partnerships locally and nationally that support the development of our strategic priorities.

This Goal recognises the value of strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in bringing both cash and in kind resources.

ARTISTIC & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Provide professional and creative development opportunities for artists, and facilitate increased participation in the arts by diverse communities.

This Goal reflects our service role with a focus on acting as a broker, facilitator and provider of infrastructure rather than delivering art activities ourselves.

STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP: Provide leadership for the development of a thriving and inclusive creative sector in the Lower Hunter region.

This Goal represents our aspiration to deliver and support a range of innovative services that respond to the needs of our target markets.